To communicate and share experiences related to MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) education systems, the ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative was suggested in 2016 and is now in progress.

The ASEM Network of MOOC Initiative is a program launched in 2017, supported and participated in by the partners of the Asia Europe Meeting. The initiative is working for the promotion of equity in education and to facilitate connectivity among ASEM partners. For these purposes, a stakeholders' forum and survey on best practices are conducted annually, along with the development of MOOC guidelines.
Stakeholders’ forums are held and surveys on best practices are conducted and announced. Speeches and networking take place at each forum, while case studies highlighted in the surveys give strength to jointly developing MOOC systems. Guidelines for MOOC are suggested by the initiative, forming the path towards cooperation and co-development in MOOC systems.
With well-interrelated Massive Open Online Courses, we can move closer to equity in education, along with understanding and connectivity among ASEM members. The initiative strives for ASEM nations to become more balanced and hopeful through MOOC systems.

What is ASEM?

ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting) is comprised of 51 Asian or European countries and the two regional organizations of the European Union and the ASEAN Secretariat. ASEM pursues economic and political balance in Asia and Europe. Political, economic, financial, social, cultural, and educational issues are delivered with noted importance during the meeting. In particular, relating to educational matters, the ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative helps ASEM partners become more balanced and connected to each other.

What is MOOC?

MOOC stands for ‘Massive Open Online Course’ through which people can learn various subjects via free online classes. An unlimited number of people can attend these classes. There are many MOOC platforms around the world, all of which can be used by students attending lectures outside of school, workers developing their work abilities, and all citizens looking to improve their knowledge. The ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative lets partners learn how to develop and use MOOC platforms through mutual experience sharing.