2018 Stakeholders’ Forum, Seoul, Republic of Korea



On 7 November 2018, the ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative had a forum in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Some features of the progress of the Initiative were reported, and best courses and best operation cases of MOOC systems are shared through presentations.


Before the Stakeholders’ Forum, there was a project leader meeting where future directions of ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative were discussed. In the meeting, 6 project leaders attended and talked about the projects in progress. The projects are ‘joint development and operation of ASEM MOOCs contents,’ ‘development of QA guideline for ASEM MOOCs,’ ‘the publication of best practices MOOC of using and recognition of MOOCs,’ ‘ASEM MOOC stakeholders forum.’


The Stakeholders’ Forum was opened with welcoming remarks from the president of the National Institute for Lifelong Education (NILE) of the Republic of Korea. Then, the progress of the initiative was reported, and information about the QA Framework for ASEM MOOCs was shared.


Also, there were case presentations of speakers from Thailand, Japan, China, the Philippines, and Korea. The presentations delivered experiences of joint development, current situation, and future direction of MOOC system, other best practices such as how the country used the MOOC system for educational purposes. 

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