• PROJECT 01

    The ASEM MOOC Stakeholders’ Forum

    The ASEM MOOCs Initiative holds an annual Stakeholders’ Forum.
    The forum has the purposes of promoting dialogue among ASEM partners and building cooperation in co-development of ASEM MOOC content. The forum is also expected
    to lay the foundation for MOOC-based international connectivity and communities, and to offer constructive policy inputs for
    the ASEM Enducation Ministers’ Meeting.

  • PROJECT 02

    Joint Development of the ASEM MOOC contents

    The ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative
    helps partners to cooperate in developing MOOC content.
    Co-development, mutual use of quality MOOC content, and content exchanges among ASEM partners are all expected to result from this project.

  • PROJECT 03

    Development of a QA Guideline for MOOC Contents

    With reference to the existing QA guidelines developed by ASEM partners and stakeholders, the guidelines shall provide basic frameworks for MOOC content.
    They will also include essential elements regarding MOOC content management and implementation.

  • PROJECT 04

    Publication of Best Practices

    The ASEM Network of MOOCs Initiative conducts case studies on MOOC-learning outcomes.
    These surveys are for collecting and diffusing best practices regarding social recognition and MOOC usage across ASEM.


Equity of Education among ASEM partners

MOOC systems are expected to serve as a solution to educational imbalance across the ASEM region. Free online courses containing high-quality lectures and materials can improve the possibility for many citizens to earn a chance at gaining education.

Connectivity across ASEM

As digital connectivity is one of the important factors in developing connectivity in ASEM, we hope that the ASEM Network of MOOC Initiative can take on a significant role for joint education in the ASEM community.